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East Kent I The Vaccines

The Vaccines - Tuesday 13th February 2024

Embark on a euphoric musical journey with The Vaccines as they hit the road on their highly anticipated tour, featuring tracks from their latest masterpiece 'Pick-Up Full of Pink Carnations.'

The sixth addition to their discography is a vibrant exploration of life's complexities, blending infectious pop hooks with introspective themes.

Justin Young's introspective reflections on loss and disillusionment resonate through ten compelling tracks, promising a live performance that captures both the heard and the mind. Co produced with Andrew Wells, know for his pop expertise, the album has defied expectations, embracing a rock-infused sound that's sure to ignite the stage. This is more than just a concert; it's an opportunity to experience the raw energy and emotions of The Vaccines music up close and personal.

The band's timeless melodies and undeniable charisma will sweep you into a world where every song feels like a hit single.

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