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Summer Guided Foraging Walk with Wild Food Guide | Brighton & Worthing AA

Do you want to learn about foraging? Learn how to identify edible plants to use in your kitchen at home (and poisonous plants to avoid), increase your knowledge of your local landscape and add more variety and nutrition to your diet? If so, then join wild food guide and cook Mike Cutting on a guided walk. On this 2-2.5 hour walk you will examine the basics of how and where to gather wild plants and get ideas on how to safely identify and use them, based on Mike's extensive experience in the field and in the kitchen.

This is a summertime walk around Wild Park Nature Reserve in Brighton. On this walk you will encounter, examine, taste and smell many species of edible and medicinal plants, trees and (potentially) fungi that make this place home. You will also meet poisonous or otherwise toxic plants to be avoided or handled with caution, which are just as important to be aware of as their delicious or otherwise useful relatives.

Foraging is a fantastic way to 'stack' together positive, nourishing and healthy habits. These include exercise, immersion in nature, mindfulness and of course the gathering of highly nutritious ingredients and medicines for home use and experimentation.

Summer is the time for wild flowers, seeds and fruits which can make delicious additions to your diet as well as bringing medicinal and nutritional value. This unique chalk grassland habitat is home to a huge variety of wild plants. On this walk you will meet wild parsnip, raspberry, mugwort, st John's wort, wild brassicas, and many more besides.

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