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Joint AGM/EGM | Mid & West Glamorgan | West Wales | Aberystwyth

On 21 March 2024 there will be a joint AGM meeting of the following area associations:

Mid & West Glamorgan / West Wales / Aberystwyth  

There is a proposal to be presented to each AGM that the area is dissolved and subsequently merged with the other two areas.  Should further information be required on the proposal please contact the Volunteer Team Leader for Wales

We would like to invite members from all three Areas to come along, meet your local volunteers and learn more about what CSSC can offer you locally and nationally. This meeting will also give members the opportunity to ask questions about the proposed merger and discuss the benefits of the merger and how it would practically work and benefit the membership of all three areas.

The AGM is also a great opportunity for you to put forward ideas of what you would like to see on offer and importantly take part in the discussions around the proposal and the subsequent election of local Area Officers.

What each of the AGM meetings will entail

·       Meet the Area Committee

·       Review of the achievements in 2023

·       A financial update from the Treasurer

·       Vote on proposal to close area and merge with other two areas

What to expect

An opportunity to get a better understanding of what is available for you as a member in your Area, Region and Nationally. We are always looking for new volunteers to help and support us to organise events and activities. We are looking for people who are willing to volunteer. This can be on a long term or on an ad-hoc basis to suit your circumstances. We will explain more and answer questions at the AGM about how you can get involved.

In the event of the respective area associations not accepting the proposal a discussion will be required to ascertain the future of that area and whether it is sustainable to continue (should there be volunteers to step forward) or to dissolve. This will be discussed and decided before moving on.  


The meetings will start at 7pm

Order of AGM’s

7.10pm - Mid & West Glamorgan

7.30pm - West Wales

7.50pm - Aberystwyth

8.10pm - If all three areas vote in favor of the proposal an EGM will then take place to form the newly merged area

This will entail:

·       Discussion and agreement of the new name of the area

·       Election of Officers

·       Chair

·       Secretary

·       Treasurer

·       AOB  

How to register Click “buy now” to register your attendance. The AGM is free to attend for CSSC members. A link to the virtual meeting will be sent directly to your mailbox a week before the meeting.