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Tennis Annual Open Competition

Join us for the CSSC Annual Championships!

Socialise with other CSSC members at our upcoming Lawn Tennis Competition on fabulous grass courts with a backdrop of Windsor Castle on 19 July to 21 July 2024.


This event has been subsidised by using the current subsidy sliding scale featured on the Finance policy. If you have any questions regarding the price of the event, please contact the CSSC Events team.

There will be a BBQ held at the club at the cost of £3.00 a person. This will be paid directly to the club.

How do I sign up?

The closing date for this event is 12/07/2024


This event is supported by the CSSC national travel policy. This event is classed as a category 3 event, therefore you can claim up to 50% of your travel and accommodation. Limits do apply. To make your claim, please download this form. To find out more on this policy download this guidance.

Find out more

Please click here to view our FAQ's. If you have any further queries regarding this event, please contact the event organiser, using the details displayed below.

Event Schedule

Day 1 - 21/07/2023

Day 2 - 22/07/2023

Day 3 - 23/07/2023

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