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Wellnergy Festival 2024 | Wimbledon Park

Wellnergy Festival is made for everyone, not just for those “into wellness”. Have you ever been introduced to sound healing?… Or heard the life-changing benefits of cold water therapy?! Have you experienced a blend of dance and yoga on a scale bigger than anything you’ve seen before? If not, what are you waiting for!


Wellnergy has 8 tents and stages with talks, music and classes running throughout the day. Over 50 FitPros with their own designated space around the park will be running more sessions just for you! Nowhere else will you get such a diverse range of wellness experts sharing their secrets to a happier and healthier you!

Thousands of like-minded enthusiasts

75+ wellness classes & exhibitors

12 hours of entertainment

What's On

There’s something for everyone at Wellnergy! Explore and enjoy the 5 pillars: mindfulness, fitness, nutrition, music and laughter.


Exciting variations of practices such as meditation, sound bath healing, talks and workshops on relevant topics such as:

  • Stress and anxiety management

  • Mental resilience

  • Excelling through the day

  • Being your best self

  • Sobriety

  • & much more


A wide, fun range of different fitness and yoga classes all over the park that you can take part in such as:

  • Strength, cardio, stretching and flexibility

  • Martial arts

  • Fitness-related yoga

  • Dance fitness & ballet yoga

  • Barre

  • & much more


Some of the tastiest street food vendors with all dietary requirements catered for. Also:

  • Speakers and experts on nutrition

  • Workshops on nutrition

  • Healthy recipe suggestions

  • Tasters, samples and giveaways

  • Cutting-edge nutrition product exhibitions

  • & much more


Feel good, fun vibes in the music section all through the day curated by Gardens of Babylon

  • 4 top International DJs rounding up the music section in the evening.

  • Various musical wellness artists like VOGA

  • Music-related wellness experts like Radhika Das.

  • Sober Raves with Anth Lowther and Om & Bass.

  • Sound healing.

  • & much more


Laughter is at the heart of Wellnergy and the language of the soul.

  • Impromptu, immersive acts

  • Flash mobs

  • Laughter therapy

  • Fun, joyful activity spots

  • Photo booths

  • Fun installations

  • & much more


Wellnergy has partnered with Sustainably Run in order to ensure that all the carbon footprint created by the event is balanced out through tree planting.

Find out what else Wellnergy are doing to be more sustainable by visiting the Wellnergy website.


  • CSSC Member: £30.00

  • Member Guest: £45.00

  • Companion: Free

£55.00 if booked direct for adults

  • Junior (13-16yrs): £29.00

  • Junior (9-12yrs): £21.00

  • Under 9s: Free

Ticket information

E-Tickets will be sent to your preferred email address no later than 48 hrs prior to the event date.

What's on for kids

Petite Performers: a Barnes based company who run bespoke dance & theatre classes, holiday camps and party entertainment for children aged 6 months – 7 years.

On the day they will be leading performance classes and a drop-off “Dance, Craft & Play” session!

Creating Kinder Kids will also be in the Kids Area running workshops to teach your little ones mindfulness and kindness using a mixture of yoga, drama, games, gratitude practice and calming breathwork.

Neuroinclusivity at Wellnergy

Millions of people attend festivals in the UK every year.  Whether this is to dance, learn, laugh, or engage with art & culture and connect with others, recent research has strongly suggested that attending festivals and cultural events improves social connectedness, psychological well-being and even illness management & physical health benefits.

Wellnergy Festival partners with Spectrum First to create first safe space for Neurodiverse attendees.

Visit the Wellnergy website for more information.

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