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Cabaret | Playhouse Theatre London

Say Willkommen to the party at the end of the world and lose yourself in the song, dance and debauchery of Cabaret The Musical at The Kit Kat Club. The German Republic is fading and the Nazis are gaining power, but there is a place where people go to be free, to enjoy the beauty of the night, and to test the boundaries of entertainment.

One of the most successful musicals of all time, this new West End production brings Berlin’s famous Kit Kat Club to life through the transformation of London’s Playhouse Theatre. Cabaret The Musical tickets are extremely popular in the West End, so what is good is staying in your room. Book your Cabaret tickets as soon as possible, old chum!

Seat allocation

Dress Circle J & K


£121.00 if booked directly


E-Tickets will be sent to your preferred email address no later than a 48hrs prior to the event date.

Notes and Restrictions