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Event Calendar

North East Tenpin Bowling - Riverside, Sunderland
South East Men & Women's Golf
Midlands Men & Women's Golf Competition
Wales Tenpin Bowling 2024
Rutland Civil Service Sailing Club Taster
Grafham Water lunchtime walk
South West Tenpin Bowling Regional Competition
Eastern Regional Archery Championships
Rye Harbour lunchtime walk
Men's Rugby Training | Chippenham
Civil Service Bowls Tournament

What's happening near you?

Eastern Regional Archery Championships
CSAA Track and Field Championships
Midlands Coarse Angling Regional Competition
London Coarse Angling Qualifier
National Boat Angling Finals
Midlands Boat Angling Competition
Southern Boat Angling Competition
North West Coarse Angling Regional Qualifier
North East Coarse Angling Competition
Eastern Coarse Angling Regional Competition
Wales Coarse Angling Competition
North West Boat Angling Competition
Yorkshire Coarse Angling Competition
Southern Coarse Angling Competition
South West Boat Angling Regional Qualifier- 2nd Leg
Yorkshire Shore Angling Competition - 3 available dates
Badminton Competition
North West Crown Green Bowls Competition
Civil Service Bowls Tournament
English Civil Service Bowling Fixture
Scottish Civil Service Bowls Fixtures
Cycling | Kelpies to Culross
Midlands Darts Competition
Eastern Darts Competition
Wales Region Darts Competition
Football Coaching Session | Edinburgh
Football Coaching Session | Nottingham
Mixed 5-a-side Football Competition |North East & Yorkshire
Football Coaching Session | London
Football Coaching Session | Cardiff
Football Coaching Session | Manchester
Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Tour
Football Festival | National
South East Men & Women's Golf
Midlands Men & Women's Golf Competition
Wales Men & Women's Regional Golf Qualifier
Southern Region Golf Competition
South West Men & Women's Regional Golf Qualifier
Manchester area Golf Society | Warrington Golf Club
North West Men & Women's Golf Competition
CSSC August Pairs Golf
Autumn Mixed Team Golf
Spring Mixed Team Golf
Grafham Water lunchtime walk
Rye Harbour lunchtime walk
Hillwalking Weekend Trip | Whitby
Rutland Civil Service Sailing Club Taster
Rutland Civil Service Sailing Club Taster- 19th July 2024
Rutland Civil Service Sailing Club Taster- 17th August 2024
Offshore Sailing Taster Day, Hamble